UMMP is the only mentoring program that matches a first-year undergraduate student with a faculty or staff mentor to assist with the student’s transition to college. This program makes a large university campus seem small as connections are made and mentors encourage our students to complete a degree. We know there are many opportunities to take advantage of at the University of Florida, but UMMP is unique with the aim to make the transition to college easier and the goal of achieving a college degree more attainable and enjoyable.


University Minority Mentor Program (UMMP) is designed to support students in their transition to the University of Florida. This objective is achieved through active participation in one-on-one interactions between mentors and mentees, participation in UMMP events and attendance at cultural events.


Mentee: Any first-year incoming undergraduate student to the University of Florida
Faculty/Staff Mentor: A faculty or staff member employed by the University of Florida
Transition Ambassador: Upper-division undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at the University of Florida
Knowledge Community: A group of mentees associated with a similar academic college/interest
When a mentee is matched, they are matched with a Faculty/Staff Mentor by similar interests. In addition, the mentee is also placed into a Knowledge Community who is grouped together by similar academic interests/college. A Transition Ambassador from a similar academic interest/college is also matched with the Knowledge Community.


  • To coordinate mentoring-related experiences on the University of Florida campus that promotes academic, personal and social growth
  • To facilitate mentoring relationship for first-year students with a faculty/staff mentor and upper-division student peer mentor
  • To enhance a specially designed orientation to university and community life
  • To create opportunities and experiences for first-year students that encourage participation in academic, social and cultural activities
  • To assist students form a more positive identification with the University of Florida by conveying genuine concern and care for them
  • To motivate and inspire student through moral and personal support
  • To contribute to the development of a strong self-concept and self-esteem of the first-year student