The BEAD Project is designed to celebrate and raise awareness about the multiple identities that comprise each of us and make up the University of Florida. It is our hope that this project helps you think about- and share with others- the many things that make you YOU! So BEAD who you are, SHARE who you are, and help us to celebrate the Gator nation.

Program Details

The BEAD activity consists of the creation of a pin with beads that represent different identities. Participants are asked to choose seven beads from nine different categories that each symbolize an identity. Examples of identity categories include faith, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and an "Ask Me" category that may represent any other identity (or identities). Participants also rank their identity beads according to the importance of each identity in their lives. BEAD candidates then share some of their identities and the reasons they chose and explain why they ordered them the way they did. After this sharing period, the entire group reflects on the activity with the aid of a facilitator.
BEAD has really helped to open up individuals to a meaningful reflection of who they are and what aspects of their personal identity they value most and why. This introspection also helps participants to think more about how they perceive others and in turn how they themselves may be perceived. The beaded pins remind us that everyone is a whole person with a unique and complex life experience, a concept that is often lost in the one-dimensional, superficial interactions that we may have with those around us.


As a courtesy to our BEAD Who You Are facilitators, please make sure to request BEAD workshops at least two weeks in advance of the presentation date. We will do everything we can to meet the requested prefered dates, but if you have flexibility, that would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you.