TJ Holmes - UF MLK Celebration Keynote Speaker

Tuesday, January 21
6:30pm Doors Open
9:00pm Keynote Speaker
Reitz Union Grand Ballroom

Title: 50 Years Forward
Theme: Representing Something Greater Than Yourself. Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the St. Augustine Civil Rights Movements and the 60th Anniversary of Brown vs. Board.
Representing Something Greater Than Yourself
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the St. Augustine Civil Rights Movement (Which took place in St. Augustine, Florida in 1963–1964) and the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education ( which paved the way for integration in public schools); Mr. T. J. Holmes will be speaking on “Representing Something Greater Than Yourself”. He takes pride in knowing the importance of everyone remembering that they are always representing something greater than themselves.  It's important for everyone to do this, not just people in public life.  Whether it's your neighborhood, city, state, parents, university, or employer, how you carry yourself leaves an impression. Holmes teaches audiences on how being an advocate and a representative of things that are vital to them will lead them down a path towards success.
T.J. Holmes is an award-winning journalist and national television personality.
Holmes first gained national prominence as a news anchor and correspondent at CNN.  He spent five years as anchor of CNN Saturday and Sunday Morning.  Holmes recently anchored coverage of the George Zimmerman trial as a contributor for HLN. While at CNN, Holmes also reported from the scene of numerous breaking news events, including Joplin, MO, which was devastated by multiple tornadoes in May of 2011; New Orleans during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010; and, Blacksburg, Virginia immediately after the shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech.  Holmes also anchored from Ground Zero on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  Holmes covered the historic first papal visit to the United States of Pope Benedict XIV in 2008, including anchoring live from the mass at Yankee Stadium. Holmes secured some of the first stories from the survivors of the US Airways Flight 1549 that crash landed in the Hudson River in January of 2009. Holmes also reported from the campus of the University of Mississippi during the first presidential debate between Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama.
At CNN, Holmes also anchored significant news stories, including Saddam Hussein’s execution in 2006, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India in 2008, and the terrorist attacks at the Glasgow Airport in Scotland in 2007.
Holmes contributed to CNN’s 2010 coverage of Gulf Oil Spill and 2008 coverage of the 2008 Presidential primary campaigns, both of which garnered Peabody Awards.
In 2012, Holmes hosted “Don’t Sleep,” an original late-night show.
Holmes previously worked as a news anchor at NBC11 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  While at NBC, he traveled to Athens, Greece to cover the 2004 Olympics, the first Summer Games held after the September 11th attacks.  He also covered numerous other stories that garnered national attention, including the historic recall election of the California Governor in 2003 and the double murder trial of Scott Peterson.
Prior to NBC11, Holmes served as a weekend anchor and reporter at KTHV in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He started his career at KSNF in Joplin, Missouri.
Holmes is a graduate of the University of Arkansas.  He now serves as member of the Chancellor’s Board of Advisors at the University and is also on the Board of Visitors at Emory University in Atlanta.  Holmes is also a member of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta and the National Association of Black Journalists.
He has been named to The Grio’s “100 List of History Makers” and The Root’s “100 List of Influential African Americans.”
He is married to Marilee Holmes, an immigration attorney.

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Tuesday, January 21
6:30pm Doors Open
Reitz Union Grand Ballroom

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