Gatormania 2013 Leadership Opportunities

Gatormania is a great opportunity to be part of a UF tradition and gain leadership experience. Below are the Director positions and the responsibilities for each.
Please keep in mind that Gatormania Leadership MUST BE IN GAINESVILLE DURING SUMMER 2013 (May 13 – July 14).

Responsibilities of all committee members:

  • Actualizes the vision for Gatormania 2012
  • Ensures that Gatormania meets its stated purpose of showcasing the diverse cultures and educating students about resources at UF in an inclusive and multicultural environment
  • Works with Executive Director and Advisors to create timelines and action plans
  • Completes all tasks in a timely fashion
  • Encourages and assists all fellow committee members in achieving all goals and tasks set for Gatormania 2012
  • Attends all required meetings

Executive Director (in addition to above)

  • Responsible for coordinating and setting the agenda for retreats and meetings
  • Provides support to all directors
  • Responsible for the overall execution of the program
  • Meets regularly with Gatormania advisors

Logistics Director

  • Ensure the completion of all logistics connected to the program including location, set up, A/V, and other programming needs
  • Keeps meeting minutes
  • Provides general support to director
  • Completes SAI program permit

Public Relations Director

  • Creates promotional materials including flyers, posters, videos, etc
  • Works with IDEAL Liaisons to coordinate all marketing and advertising efforts to assure that the student body is informed about this event (this includes Preview Tabling Coordination, and general tabling coordination)
  • Ensure that the program is widely advertised through various mediums

Sponsorship Director:

  • Coordinates sponsorship and donation efforts for the carnival
  • Focuses on seeking out donations/prizes for Gatormania participants

Entertainment Director:

  • Coordinates entertainment portion of the carnival
  • Ensures that entertainment represents the cultural diversity available at the University
  • Coordinates talent show

Fashion Director:

  • Coordinates fashion show
  • Organizes model preparation, clothing donation, and stage set-up.

Carnival Director:

  • Organizes games, bounce houses, and works with IDEAL and Recreation Services.
  • Co-design theme for Gatormania alongside GatorNights. staff

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